Who We Are

The Technology and Digital Arts Academy (TDA) is a multi-year program at Elk Grove High School. Students explore career and college options related to Graphic Design and Digital Photography. Students get a background in art and photo elements & principles of design through industry-level programs & platforms related to the digital media.

Students begin with an Introductory course that focuses on basic illustration, photography and layout skills both traditionally and digitally.  In the Concentrator course that follows, students select one of two pathways: Graphics or Photo to delve more deeply into refined artistic process and technique before their final Capstone course. In the Capstone, students work on theoretical and real client projects that hone their visual and professional communication skills.

Throughout the TDA Academy experience, students build their graphics and photography skills within a small community of students supported by TDA teachers that focus on the development of each student becoming college and career-ready through cross-curricular and project-based learning. As well as their graphics/photo classes, students also have TDA Math, Science and English Language Arts together in a “school within a school” model that helps staff closely follow and encourage key skills for college and career.

In addition to academics, TDA encourages students to live the TDA motto of Dream, Create, Achieve by looking beyond their current life, in and out of school, to see something bigger for themselves. To help students explore these ideas, TDA has many field trips to college campuses, art museums, design/photo studios as well as on-campus activities and guest speakers representing many diverse career choices.

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If you would like a TDA tour or more detailed information, please contact us: tdaacademyegusd@gmail.com