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EGHS Cafeteria Renovations

Have you been to the Elk Grove High School cafeteria lately??? If not, then you have yet to see the enticing logo and menu designs created by students in the Technology and Digital Arts Academy. Computer Graphics upperclassmen were encouraged to create a new identity for the school?s eating areas. The project required that groups create all the components that are essential in the food industry; this new ?identity? included a new name, logo design and corresponding menu design. Upon presenting the finished product to the EGHS staff, the food and nutrition staff was inspired to expand the current food menu to include healthier choices. We know this has created a buzz with the students talking about all of the new menu items and food presentation. 

These new ?identities? can be seen in the new ?Thundering Herd Café? (formerly known as the Cafeteria), ?Elroy?s? (formerly known as the Snack Bar), and ?The Grove? (formerly known as the Foreign Food Section). After the April 9th opening, students have had high praise for the changes; as one of the Computer Graphics students, EGHS Senior Alex feels proud of their legacy, ?I?m really proud to be part of a class who not only took on the project, but made it into something that changed the school, and left it better for future students? In addition to being a spot for eating, socializing and doing homework, the cafeteria, now known as ?The Thundering Herd Cafe?, is now a place that is a updated to be little bit cooler with better menu options!


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