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The 411 on 291

Thanks from the White Family

"Dearest Technology and Digital Arts Academy,


I want to express my deepest gratitude to you for honoring my mom, Carol Cole Hosking, at the Black and White Ball this year and donating the proceeds in her name. My mom was diagnosed with ALS about two years ago. I didn?t know much about this disease other than what I knew form watching The Pride of Yankees. Since my moms diagnosis I?ve learned much more about this horrible disease and I?ve met a wonderful team of doctors and support staff at the University of California, San Francisco?s ALS Clinic. This team is helping my mom stay healthier longer. Your donation will do the same for a patient and his or her family in the Sacramento area, and I know that it will be greatly appreciated. It is a noble thing for the TDA Academy to do year in and year out. I want to acknowledge the work and dedication of Mr. Pickering for organizing this event. I enjoyed attending the event itself. It was great to see everyone all dressed up and having such a fun time.


Thank you also for the photograph of my mom with her granddaughters. She will cherish the photo and so will they.



Sally White"

Thanks to all who attended Black and White Ball, it is clear that your donation and presence was appreciated!

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