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       Welcome to Gallery 291?s film section. This is a collection of short projects written, story-boarded, shot, edited and produced by the students of Elk Grove High School. It starts with a variety of short films ranging from projects based on camera techniques, lighting, and script writing. It then moves into classics like Film Noir, Documentary, Neoclassical, and even a collection of Music Videos. We hope you enjoy our flicks. We would like your feedback on the shorts so please email us with your comments at: pic@gallery291.com
My World
 My World
 Distracting Driving
 Directing Change
 TDA is...
Firm Advertisements
 The Design Firm
Pulp Fiction?
 Design Firms
 The Art of Photography
 Pulp Fiction?
Film Noir
 EGHS Homecoming 2012
Music Videos
Classic Hollywood
 English Project
 Classic Hollywood
Saturday Night Live
Surreal, Abstract or Real?
The Domi Awards
 Best Documentary